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Windows Repair Toolbox 3.0

Repairs broken system processes and optimizes its speed
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Fix the errors in Windows system processes to increase the speed and processing power of your computer. Monitor the CPU temperature, hard disk, and RAM usage, and processor loads. Check the processes slowing down the work and repair them with HWMonitor, HWiNFO, CPU-Z, GPU-Z, and DriverBackup tools.

A mixture of links that take you to Windows native optimization tools, buttons that download third-party system utilities, the option to add your favorite apps to the list, and a set of useful data about your computer’s performance make Windows Repair Toolbox a one-stop software program to check, diagnose, and solve common system errors and inconsistencies.

This utility could be described as an interface from where you can access a wide array of internal and external tools. The former are already part of your operating system and the latter are free third-party software programs that need to be downloaded and installed first in order to use them. Optionally, Windows Repair Toolbox will then help you to uninstall fully any of those external apps if required.

The Tools tab includes free utilities that you can download and install to check your most sensitive hardware components, such as HWMonitor, CPU-Z, GPU-Z, VMTest, RAMExpert, and BATExpert. You can also access from here backup and recovery tools, such as AOMEI’s or Recuva’s software programs; repair tools like Troubleshoot, Zoek, Easy Fix, FreeFixer, or WinRepairAIO; uninstallers such as Revo, RegSeeker, AVLeftovers, and AVRemovers; other useful tools like PatchMyPC, AppCrash, Don’t Sleep, Macrorit, and GrantPerms, as well as some Windows utilities like Event Viewer, chkdsk c:, or chkdsk c: /r.

The Malware Removal tab includes links to RKill, Kaspersky, RogueKiller, Norton PE, Malwarebytes, Ccleaner, Disk Defrag, or WinRepairAIO, some of which you can run in unattended mode if desired. In this tab (as well as in the Custom Tools tab, where you can add your preferred utilities) you will also find a Monitor with real-time information about your CPU’s temperature and time, and your system’s RAM and DISK use. All tabs include useful information about your system’s processor(s), memory use, free disk space, and overall temperature.

An important tab is the Final Tests tab, where you can perform a number of checks to make sure that none of the tasks performed have altered the good health of your system. Here you will find checks for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint; file-type checks for PDF, ZIP, MP3, or AVI; checks for your Drivers, Hosts, your Internet Speed, Restore Points, and the option to run an SSL Test or a Stress Test when needed, among others. Finally, a Notes tab will let you write down your own notes about the processes performed, which may come in handy in future iterations.

Windows Repair Toolbox can easily become the only program you may ever need to keep an eye on your system’s health and stability – it doesn’t include any major utilities of its own, but it’s a convenient central point from where you can install and run all the tools you will ever need when it comes to optimize and improve your system’s performance.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows for multiple tools working simultaneously
  • May uninstall the downloaded tools
  • Allows you to add your favorite tools
  • Includes malware removal tools
  • Runs quality assurance tests


  • Some tools require downloading and installing
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